The Boardman School District is providing students and parents with a convenient way to know when the school bus is coming and even track the current location of the bus.

The school district emailed a news release on Wednesday saying “No more long waits at the bus stop in snow or rain, and missing the school bus should be a problem of the past.”

The district is launching “Here Comes The Bus”, a free school bus tracking APP for parents and students that allows them to view the real-time location of a child’s bus from their smartphone, tablet or computer.

Users can also receive a customized notification when the bus is close, according to the release.

“All 52 Boardman route buses have been equipped with GPS trackers, and we have been testing the APP system with a group of our parents and staff,” said Superintendent Tim Saxton. “Now we are ready to launch it district wide, and we think it will be a real benefit for our parents, and increase the safety of our students.”

According to the website , the App translates GPS tracking information from the bus into a program and customizable map.

The technology comes from Synovia Solutions and the software that they developed more than 15 years ago to help companies better manage their fleets.

The district will officially unveil the system on Monday.