The Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission is funding a tribute to workers and highway patrolmen who died on the job. 

The Ohio Turnpike Memorial Sign program was approved on Monday.

It will honor these 12 men who were killed while working on the turnpike as well as call attention to Ohio's Move Over law:

Hudson - May 2015 Michael W. Kennedy, Interstate Towing.
Sandusky Township - Jan. 24, 2012, John Fletcher, Elmore Maintenance Section.
Berlin Township - May 15, 2000, Trooper Robert Perez, Jr., OSHP Post 90.
Holiday City - July 31, 1997, Duane E. Cisek, Kunkle Maintenance Section.
Holiday City - July 31, 1997, Richard L. Yoh, Kunkle Maintenance Section.
Canfield Township - 1987, John Todd, Canfield Maintenance Section.
Fulton Township - 1983, Kenneth W. Geiger, Swanton Maintenance Section.
Amherst - 1978, Kermit C. Starkey, Amherst Maintenance Section.
Exact Location Unknown - 1977, Mike H. McConnell*
Townsend Township - Sept. 17, 1970, Kenneth C. Bailey, Castalia Maintenance Section.
Townsend Township - Sept. 17, 1970, Berton C. Stewart, Castalia Maintenance Section.
Rossford - Feb. 22, 1967, Trooper Jon D. Birchum, OSHP Post 89.

Each person will get their own memorial located at the milepost of their incident in the corresponding Ohio municipality. 

"It's appropriate to honor our maintenance workers and highway patrol troopers who were killed while performing their duties for the Ohio Turnpike," said executive director Randy Cole. "We also remind motorists to move over or slow down for any vehicle stopped with flashing lights. We must do everything we can to avoid any additional tragedies in the decades to come."

The program was requested by Representative Thomas Patton and Robert Perez Sr., the father of one of the troopers who will be honored by this program. 

The Ohio Turnpike's Communications Department is asking those related to the men being honored to call the Commission at (440) 971-2066 to assure their loved ones are properly recognized in their memorials.