The Boardman Tennis Center will soon be undergoing big changes.

The establishment was sold to Avalon Mahoning Sports Center Inc for $1.145 million. 

They close the center on May 11th o begin renovations 54,000 square foot facility.

.Though some of the tennis courts will stay, Lauren Ludvig, a spokes person for Avalon says there will be much more to the establishment.

"We're talking about basket ball, and volley ball, and a lot of extra space will be used for fun activities like indoor rock climbing, things like that," she says, "Really to engage the entire family, that's what it's all about. And anybody who knows Avalon knows that when we do something we do it all the way... we're talking about new locker rooms, saunas. [It's] just going to be a really great place, and we're really excited about the progress we've made so far."