As part of a $96 billion Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Bill, two military bases with footprints in the Valley are receiving several million dollars. 

$8.8 million has been awarded to the Youngstown Air Reserve Station and $7.4 million will be directed toward Camp Ravenna. 

According to Congressman Tim Ryan, who is part of the House Appropriations Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Subcommittee, the funds will be put towards increased base security infrastructure at YARS, and a new machine gun range at Camp Ravenna. 

"I am thankful to have been able to leverage my position on the MIL-CON VA Subcommittee to bring these funds back to our community so that we can make the important investments needed to keep our military facilities on the cutting edge," said Congressman Ryan. "The men and women who serve at YARS and Camp Ravenna are the best and brightest we have and it is our responsibility to give them the resources they need to protect and serve both Northeast Ohio and the United States of America."

The funding bill also institutes several new requirements including:

  • A report on the VA's end of life care programs.
  • Language encouraging HCV screening outside of traditional sites of care.
  • A report on Post-traumatic growth training for veterans.
  • The funding bill also institutes several new requirements including:
  • Requirement that VA and DoD to examine the impact of rare cancers on those who serve.
  • Request that the VA dedicate additional resources to Neuromuscular Junction research.
  • Request an updated report from the VA on how the VA Department is addressing the opioid epidemic within the veteran community.