A GPS tracking ankle monitor helped a watchful probation officer track down a parolee. However, he could be facing new charges after allegedly being found with suspected drugs, cash, and trafficking paraphernalia. 

Police say that parolees, 27-year-old Juchard Duncan and 28-year-old Shon Thompson, lied about their whereabouts on Wednesday morning.

According to a report, officers began to track Duncan using his required ankle monitor.

The two were discovered sitting in a Rite Aid parking lot.

Officials say that as they approached the vehicle, Thompson placed something between his seat and the center console.

The officers on the scene say they then asked the men to exit the vehicle and the two suspects were handcuffed.

Investigators say they found a small plastic bag containing an unknown gray substance in Thompsons' pocket. The baggie contained 4.0 grams of suspected heroin.

Authorities say they then discovered a small plastic bag containing .10 grams of an unknown tan substance in the vehicle. 

Along with the plastic baggies, authorities say they found Tramadol, lottery tickets, a box of small plastic bags, a green latex glove, and a police scanner in the glove box of the vehicle.

Police say they eventually transported Duncan and Thompson to the Trumbull County Jail where they are being held for parole violations. 

Officers are recommending three separate charges be filed including trafficking in drugs, possession of drugs, and drug abuse. These charges may be filed at a later date, pending lab results.