Beaver Township Police have responded to rumors posted on social media about "suspicious" men stopping at homes.

According to police, a woman posted on Facebook that men stopped at her house asking her for her opinion on the scent of Febreze.

Officials say the woman refused and called the police over fears that she would be drugged and forced into sex trafficking.

Police Chief Carl Frost responded to concerns on Friday with a Facebook post of his own.

His post stated that the Beaver Township Police Department received a call from the woman complaining of 'suspicious' men on Wednesday, and immediately went to her residence to investigate. 

However, the vehicle was gone when they arrived.

Chief Frost said that they then received a similar call around ten minutes later, from a couple miles away. From this call, officers were able to locate and pull the vehicle over.

"The three males were in a Dodge Durango and were selling Kirby sweepers. They were warned to immediately cease until they obtain a Transient Vendor Permit from the Zoning Dept," said Chief Frost. "Misdemeanor charges are pending against the three for violating that Ordinance."

He went on to say that "there is NO indication of any criminal conduct on the part of any of the subjects, other than not registering to go door-to-door selling sweepers."

Chief Frost said that this is not the first time they, or other jurisdictions in our area, have stopped people from the Kirby sweeper company.

He said that businesses continue to hire people to go door-door-door to sell because it often works. Frost continued saying that in order to stop these types of sales, people have to stop buying.

The Police Chief's Facebook post provides the following information to any individual who has a complaint about this type of activity.

"If you have a complaint with the conduct of people selling Kirby sweepers, the employer of these individuals is Clear & Full Inc of 1601 Motor Inn Dr in Liberty Township (330-932-0580)."