A special project in Austintown is honoring our Valley's Bravest. 

Austintown Fitch unveiled a special project Tuesday afternoon honoring the armed forces. 

A vacant classroom was repurposed throughout the school year as a tribute to veterans and those currently serving in the military. 

The new room named the Purple Star Room will be used for military-connected students and families as well as a meeting area for various military related activities and events.

The district recently received a Purple Star Award from the Ohio Department of Education, which recognizes schools that show a major commitment to students and families serving our nation's military. 

The idea for the room was sparked upon learning about the award. 

"We do a lot in the district to honor our veterans and active military, but the award really inspired our Purple Star Committee to do more for our military-connected students," said Assistant Principal Jim Penk.

Five paintings, commissioned by artist Ray Simon, are also on display in the Purple Star Room each representing a branch of the military. 

The artwork was donated by local community members and businesses who were honored during the ceremony.

The painting donors are listed below.

Denise and John York
Walter Terlecky
Joseph E. Lane
Fitch Class of 1962
Greenwood Chevrolet
Karlock Podiatry and Associates
Betras, Kopp & Harshman
Lawrence and Dolores Ronzi