A woman is facing several charges, including assault on a peace officer after employees at Hollywood Gaming notified police that she was leaving intoxicated.

Austintown Police say they were notified that a woman was intoxicated and attempting to drive on Wednesday night.

Police say they found the described vehicle on State Route 46 and followed it.

The report states the driver, 57-year-old Jackie Fullerman almost hit a curb and then veered left of center, crossing the double yellow lines.

Authorities say when they initiated the traffic stop, Fullerman stopped the vehicle but left it in neutral until police advised her to put it in park.

Police say Fullerman appeared to be intoxicated and failed the field sobriety check. She was then transported to the police station for processing. 

The police report states Fullerman kept trying to leave the processing room door. She then walked up and smacked the keyboard the officer was typing on.

Police say she was walked back to her seat where she became irate and kicked the officer in the stomach. The police report states she attempted to kick him again but missed.

Authorities say at this time they tried to handcuff her to the chair and Fullerman almost kicked the officer in the head. 

Fullerman refused to submit a chemical test and was advised that her license was placed under an Administrative License Suspension for one year. 

Fullerman is facing charges of OVI, marked lanes, assault on a peace officer, and resisting arrest.

She is scheduled to appear in court on Monday.