Youngstown Police say a stolen gun was found after they received a call from a child saying that their father had allegedly fallen asleep on the couch with a gun.

Officers say that when they arrived at the home, they spoke to 35-year-old Carlos Poellnitz, who told them that his children were upstairs in the home, which is located in Youngstown on Plazaview Court.

After receiving permission to search the home, police said they found a pistol on the couch in the living room, the report said.

According to police, Poellnitz told them that he did not know where the gun came from.

Officers said they ran the serial number on the gun and found out it was allegedly stolen.

Authorities then arrested Poellnitz on charges of receiving stolen property and endangering children.

Authorities stated that the pistol was loaded and there was one round in the chamber, the report said.

The three children are now staying with their grandmother, according to police.