A New Castle man has been sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for a string of robberies across Lawrence County.

Eric Barbati, 33, was sentenced Tuesday for robbing the BFS Foods Convenience Store in New Castle on August 26, 2017. 

Barbati then robbed two other convenience stores, the Red Apple Convenience Store on August 31 and the Market 24 Convenience Store on September 4 and 17 last year.

During all of the convenience store robberies, Barbati would approach the store clerk and attempt to pay for a bottle of Mountain Dew before using a knife or forcibly taking money from the drawer to commit the robbery.

In those robberies, Barbati came out with less than $300. 

According to authorities, Barbati also robbed the PNC Bank in Hermitage on September 5 and the Huntington Bank in New Wilmington on September 11.

At the PNC Bank robbery, Barbati allegedly approached the teller and stated, "This is a robbery, place all your money on the counter," and then received approximately $2,702 before fleeing the bank.

The same note was also presented at the Huntington Bank, and Barbati got away with $1,641.

The judge ordered that Barbati pay restitution to all three businesses and both banks and also serve a term of three years of supervised release upon release from prison.