A Lyft driver in Warren is facing several drug charges after officers found suspected heroin in the car he was driving with a teenage girl in the back seat. 

Warren police stopped the car that 29-year-old Christopher Scott was driving just after 7:30 pm Saturday on Front Street SW and Oriole Place SW. 

Police said they had filed several felony warrants for Scott the day before.

When police looked in the vehicle, the passenger in the front seat of the car was Scott's 13-year-old nephew and the rear passenger was a 17-year-old girl getting a ride using Scott's Lyft service, according to the police report. 

Police said the girl tried to tell them she was 19. 

Police told Scott to get out the vehicle and noticed a piece of paper on the floorboard that looked like a lotto ticket folded up, or a bindle, which is commonly used when selling narcotics.

Officers said they then found three more bindles between the driver's seat and center console. 

They noticed one of them had a tan powder in them which they thought to be suspected heroin.

When police took Scott to the jail, police also discovered a large baggie in the back seat and the bench seat of the police cruiser.

Inside, officers discovered two baggies with a total of 9 grams of suspected crack and 14 more bindles of suspected heroin. 

Officers also seized about $2,630 from Scott.

Scott was booked into jail on four active warrants of tampering with evidence, possession of cocaine, possession of heroin and possession of fentanyl. 

He has since been released and pleaded not guilty in court. 

Police said other charges may be pending when lab results come back.

Scott is no stranger to the justice system, having been booked in jail for previous charges including prohibition against consumption in a motor vehicle and aggravated burglary.