A new idea in the city of Cortland is reserving spots for those who have served and are currently serving in the community.

City council approved what's being called the "Superhero Parking Program" Monday night.

The parking program will be designated public parking spots reserved for veterans, active duty/reserve military, police, fire and all first responders.

There will be a "Super Hero Parking Only" sign at various parking spots throughout Cortland to denote these spaces.

The idea for the program came from Jim Bradley, member of the city's zoning and planning commission. 

"It was my vision to show support to these people in our community. I come from a family filled with veterans and first responders and I wanted to work on a project that would have an impact on not only my friends and family but on all our residents of Cortland as well as our visitors," said Bradley. 

Bradley said his father is a retired first responder and a veteran from the Valley. 

He said the project has so far not received any negative light and was a unanimous vote by council to approve it.

No handicapped parking spots will be taken away and the spots will not be enforced in any way, but will simply be on the honor system. 

Bradley said the first three locations the parking spots will be implemented will be two city parks and city hall.

He hopes to have those spots available by later this week.

Bradley said he is using a Cortland sign company to make the signs and will be contacting local businesses in hopes they will purchase these parking signs for their lots.