Authorities from the Columbiana Drug Task Force and Salem Police discovered a meth lab in a home on Wednesday evening. 

The Salem Fire Chief says the department received calls about the possible meth lab just before 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

Police say two adults and two children live inside the home on 3rd Street between Hawley and Union Avenue in Salem.

"The concern is that there are two small children in there too, so it is not a good environment. You can see the chemical ware we are going in with," said Brian McLaughlin from the task force.

McLaughlin says there were a lot of waste products from the meth packed into closets. 

A neighbor across the street told 21 News he has been concerned for a long time. 

"I had some suspicions. There were always a lot of people going in and out of there, my biggest concern, I was always seeing kids over there," said Jeffrey Seidner of Salem. 

While the drug task force says cookeries or meth labs like this one are on the decline in Salem, they say there is a new problem they are on the lookout for. 

McLaughlin added, "We have actually seen a decrease in labs as much of Ohio has because we are seeing the crystal methamphetamine. We are seeing less labs and more of the crystal meth."

Officials were cleaning the house out for more than four hours.

Police on scene say no arrests have been made yet due to the investigation, however, they expect charges will be filed.