A Youngstown mother is facing three counts of endangering children after police discover an unbearable odor inside an apartment.

Police charged Ashley Eiland, 31, Sunday after she turned herself in on an active warrant for three counts of endangering children. 

This after police paid a visit to Eiland's house last month on the 100 block of 5th Avenue in reference to a bad smell coming from her apartment.

In the report, officers said they noticed a very strong odor from the front door of the residence. 

Eiland spoke to police with her three minor children in the apartment. 

Once inside, officers said the smell was coming from multiple bags of trash. They said the entire apartment was filled with garbage, calling the odor "almost unbearable," according to the report. 

In the report, the officers also say they noticed dirty beds without sheets and a pot of spoiled hotdogs on the stove with dead flies.

The police contacted children services and deemed the apartment unlivable at that time. They then took Eiland and her children to stay with her sister.  

Officials from Mahoning County Children's Services said the children are back at the home with Eiland and that children's services has taken the appropriate action to clean up the house. 

Eiland is has a pre-trial set on September 12.