A woman has been charged with aggravated burglary after she allegedly confronted a tenant with a pistol, demanding rent money and for the tenant to get out.

On Sunday, August 5, officers informed that a woman called and said she was visiting her boyfriend at his home on Durst Clagg Road in Cortland when his landlord, 80-year-old Vonda Duffy, came over from her house and threatened to shoot everyone who was in the home.

According to police, the man's girlfriend said that she did not see Duffy point the gun at anyone, however, she did see Duffy holding the gun.

When officers arrived on the scene they spoke with the man who's home Duffy entered. Police reported that he told them Duffy came bursting into his home, pointing a gun at home and threatening to kill him. 

Officers said they then went to Duffy's house, which is also on Durst Clagg Road, and spoke to her. Duffy told police the weapon she had was now sitting on the coffee table.

Police took custody of the gun and took it out of Duffy's residence. 

According to police, Duffy told them that she went over to the man's home to tell him to get out because he had an eviction notice.

Police said that Duffy then showed them numerous eviction notices that had been given to the man, the most recent statement that he had to be out by August 14. 

Officials said they then informed Duffy that because of the legal eviction notice she gave the man, he still had many days before he officially needed to leave. 

When questioned, police said that Duffy did inform them that she went over to her tenants home with a gun and said: "I'd like to shoot you."

A police report states that Duffy told officers that she did not know the threat she made would be illegal, since the home is her property, however, officers advised her that it is absolutely not okay to make threats of that nature.

The man whom Duffy threatened did file charges against Duffy.

Duffy was arrested on Monday on charges of Aggravated Burglary; Deadly Weapon or Dangerous Ordinance. 

She now awaits to appear in Central District Court, Cortland.