A fight over a parking spot at a Youngstown convenience store ends in one man being shot. 

Police were called to the Sami Quick Stop on Market Street Saturday around 8:45 p.m. where they arrested Nicholas Italiano, 24, for felonious assault.

Police say the fight started between Italiano and another woman after he took up several parking spots with his truck.

According to the report, police say he began yelling racial slurs at her.

The woman told police she was scared and called her fiance.

Once the fiance arrived, another fight ensued and police say the fiance punched Italiano in the face.

Police say Italiano pulled out a gun and allegedly shot the man as he was running away.

Italiano left the scene but then drove back into the Quick Stop parking lot where he allegedly drove toward the man as he was running.

Police say Italiano fled but later called the police to confess he had shot someone in self-defense.

The man Italiano allegedly shot was taken to Saint Elizabeth Hospital.

Police say he is in stable condition.

Italiano had an active CCW, meaning he was allowed to carry a concealed weapon.