A month and a half before the election, the candidates for Ohio governor are in a dead heat.

It's expected to be an expensive race, and the ads have already started to turn nasty.

On Wednesday evening, during their first debate at the University Dayton, Richard Cordray and Mike DeWine both came out swinging.

Right out of the gate, the gloves came off.

"Mike you've had eight years to deal with this problem and you have failed Ohio," stated Democratic candidate Richard Cordray.

The opioid epidemic was front and center.

"The fact we would listen to you now on drug policy would be like asking for navigation advice from the captain of the Titanic," Cordray said.

Republican candidate Mike DeWine countered and said, "Absolutely amazing Richard, absolutely amazing. When you left the attorney general's office, we already had a crisis on the drug problem, you did absolutely nothing. In my first month in office, we started closing pill mills."

They duked it out about their records as Ohio attorney general.

"You have been a failure at every job you've ever had," alleged DeWine against Cordray.

Untested rape kits in the state was also a hot-button topic.

"Richard you're living in a fantasy world, you left me with a mess at BCI, the state crime lab they do great work. We fixed it, you didn't. You're laughing, you think it's funny that you didn't test the rape kits of 12,000 women — 12,000 victims" stated Dewine.

Cordray said, "That came up five months before I left the office, you know there were no untested rape kits in the attorney general's office and we immediately were aggressive about going out and getting them tested from around the state. It then took you seven years to follow through on the groundwork I laid to get it done."

A question of who was the better attorney general as they both fight to be the next governor.

The candidates will square off again in two more debates before the election.