A Youngstown State University professor who suffered a heart attack last month passed away Thursday morning.

Susie Beiersdorfer posted a message on her Facebook page saying that Dr. Ray Beiersdorfer died at hospice care shortly before 5 am.

Dr. Beiersdorfer had stints placed into two arteries after he had a heart attack on September 13.

After a neurologist reported that Dr. Beiersdorfer was in a coma, doctors said that oxygen deprivation damage to the brain was extensive and there had been no voluntary responses or signs of cognitive function since his heart attack.

Beiersdorfer, a Professor of Geological and Environmental Sciences, is an environmental activist and was responsible for bringing experts to campus to talk to the public about issues that impact the future of the planet.

Faculty, students, and friends gathered on campus last week to celebrate Dr. Beiersdorfer's life.