A Youngstown woman was charged with misusing the 911 system after police say she called the service at least five times.

It started Saturday just before 8 pm when Tamica Latham, 40, first called 911.

When police arrived at the home on Elbertus Avenue, Latham was in her bedroom with the door shut and told police nothing was wrong and that she didn't mean to call, according to the report.

Officers cleared the scene but a short time later, they said they got another call from Latham who said she was fighting with her roommate. 

Police showed up to the house a second time. They spoke to Latham and her roommate who both told police nothing was wrong, the report said.

Youngstown police say they got three more 911 calls and three non-emergency calls from Latham.

Police say she was advised not to call but continued to call, and they placed her under arrest.

While taking her to the Mahoning County Jail, police said Latham told them she had recently been using methamphetamine