The Warren Police Department arrested a Warren man after he was harassing a woman and carrying a concealed weapon. 

 38-year-old Pamela Mcintosh called police because she was reportedly being harassed by a man who was driving in a silver Charger. 

Mcintosh told police that on her way to the Pit Stop gas station the man blocked them into their driveway and 'laid on the horn' excessively. 

Upon arriving at the gas station, police say that Mcintosh saw the silver Charger once again and when she confronted the man in the vehicle about the earlier incident he started yelling and screaming at her and at one point reached down with his right hand and flashed a gun. 

Mcintosh told police that there were multiple witnesses on the scene that can confirm that the man had a gun. 

According to the police report, while police were gathering information dispatch advised them that Mcintosh had a Capias through Warren Municipal Court for Failure to Appear for a traffic offense. 

While police arrested Mcintosh they noticed the silver Charger pull into BP. 

According to the police report, when police observed the silver Charger pulling into BP's parking lot they followed it and observed a man matching Mcintosh's description walk into the store. 

Police say that they walked into the store and told the man, identified as nineteen-year-old Quinten Chandler to put his hands up. Police then searched Chandler and found a firearm in his pocket and also found an extended magazine to the gun in his other pocket. 

Police placed Chandler under arrest and charged him with carrying a concealed weapon and aggravated menacing.