The Hubbard Eagle mascot has a chance to be named the best mascot in the country.

He's one of only four finalists in the mix for the honor thanks to Varsity Brands.  

"I saw it and figured hey, why not just submit an entry." the mascot told 21 Sports.

"I didn't think anything was going to happen until I saw Hubbard High School had been nominated," he added.

Don't let the feathers fool you; it was more than just an entry.

"It was different clips and things; from going to Akron Children's Hospital, from going to the Mahoning Valley Scrappers, from going to Youngstown Phantoms.  I travel a lot, and we try to put it together for the community to see what's actually going on." 

The video caught the attention of not only the committee but the whole community.

"When I saw that it reached over 150 shares and 200 likes and different comments I was amazed," he said.

A mascot that's been cheering on his school for years will now watch as the community cheers for him.