You might remember her as the Kent State Gun Girl.  She posed with her A-R 10 rifle at her Kent Graduation last year.

But Sunday, Kaitlin Bennett says she was kicked out of the Bernie Sanders campaign event without explanation.  

Since Kent Grad Kaitlin Bennett took those gun pics on campus last year she's been busy speaking out for conservative causes, recently being hired by the website as a reporter.
That why she showed up at the Bernie Sanders campaign stop in Lordstown.  A rally that was supposed to be public.

"I asked them, did I violate any rules, did I do anything, am I a disturbance? I was just scrolling on facebook. They simply didn't want me there because they know who I am and I believe that event was staged they had plants in the audience who were supposed to ask the questions. Bernie was scripted with the responses and they didn't want anyone else to try and ask questions," said Bennett.

Bennett says she would have asked Sanders if he supports free health care for illegal immigrants.  
Instead she says she was told to leave the public event, which she did, with no explanation as to why.  She says she's never been a disturbance at any event she's covered.

We called the Sanders campaign to ask specifically why they had her removed and they wouldn't answer the question directly.

They gave us the following statement: 

"We are disappointed the people of the Youngstown community are being shown on the local broadcast news content from InfoWars, a white supremacist platform that has been banned from YouTube, Apple and Facebook for hate speech and targeting the parents of children who died in Sandy Hook."