Warren police were called out early Tuesday after someone reported seeing a boy and girl running naked through a neighborhood just before 6 am Monday.

A woman living on Genesee Ave. NE told a dispatcher that a naked girl and a naked young man were outside her door yelling that someone was chasing them and they needed help.

An officer who had pulled up to Genesee Ave NE near Montclair St. NE and the girl ran up to his cruiser and jumped into the back seat saying that her dad was chasing her.

Shortly after that, the father came up to the cruiser and talked to the officer.

The 42-year-old dad told police that he and wife had gotten out of bed to check out a noise coming from their daughter's bedroom at their Woodland Street NE home.

The father says he found his juvenile daughter and a juvenile boy in bed. Both were naked.

The boy immediately jumped out of the window followed by the daughter. Neither had time to put their clothes on.

The girl hopped into the police cruiser two blocks from her home.

The boy wasn't found, but the father told police he knows is name and has already set up a meeting with the juvenile prosecutor, hoping to get a protective order to keep the boy from being near his daughter.

The police report does not disclose the age of either juvenile.

The boy left his cell phone behind in the girl's bedroom. It's been turned over to police as evidence.