During a news conference Wednesday afternoon, police said a Howland robbery suspect is connected to the shooting over the weekend that targeted University at Larchmont Bar & Grill.

According to police, 27-year-old Ryan Rulong is the suspect in a drive-by shooting from a truck on Larchmont Avenue Friday night, striking three bar patrons.

Three Warren men, ages 67, 42, and 56, were taken to local hospitals for treatment for minor injuries and released.

Warren Police Chief Eric Merkel said during the press conference that Rulong was leaving the bar when he went to an enclosed patio area. Rulong tried to climb over the fence and there was some sort of confrontation between the suspect and two men who were outside the bar, Merkel said. 

Merkel continued, saying that Rulong left the bar and later returned with the intent to harm those two men and is accused of opening fire on the patio area. 

Tuesday night, the Warren Police Department was in the process of getting a search warrant for Rulong's house and his white Ford F150 truck.

Warren police got wind that Howland had a robbery suspect in a white Ford 150 who was arrested on Route 11 on a robbery charge after holding up the True North gas station on East Market Street.

Warren police sent over a detective to interview the suspect, later identified as Rulong, where Merkel says Rulong confessed to the Larchmont shooting and gave evidence that he had turned over to the detective.

Rulong is now in the Trumbull County Jail facing charges of aggravated robbery, three counts of attempted murder and three counts of felonious assault. 

Merkel added that the University at Larchmont is not the typical place for an incident like this to happen and stressed it's a family business. 

Enzo Cantalamessa, the director of public safety and service, had the same message at the press conference, calling the establishment a model business citizen in the community and applauded the cooperation of the owners and patrons. 

Howland Police Chief Nick Roberts added departments and surrounding jurisdictions are always working together to solve crimes and believes they have a great working relationship. 

"It's unfortunate that crimes like these happen, but when they do happen, that's what we're here for," Roberts said. 

The bar re-opened Wednesday morning after being closed since Friday night.