A Youngstown man is facing charges after he allegedly went to McDonald's and tried to work after he was fired.

According to the report, 44-year-old Omar Dean had been fired on May 17 after having a meltdown and screaming at his coworkers and customers.

Reports say Dean called the McDonald's on Boardman Canfield Road on Saturday around 7:30 a.m. and pretended to be someone else.

While on the phone Dean allegedly said that he wasn't fired and would show up for work that day.

Police say they were called to the restaurant by the manager because Dean was aggressive and agitated the day before.

According to the report, Dean arrived at the location and walked towards officers when they arrived.

Officers say they asked Dean to put his hands behind his back and attempted to handcuff him while he resisted arrest.

Police say that Dean was taken to the ground twice while they called for backup.

According to the report, more officers arrived and were still not able to handcuff Dean, causing him to be tased two times.

Officers on scene say Dean settled down and began crying and apologized to them for resisting.

Dean faces charges of criminal trespassing, resisting arrest and obstructing official business.