Police in Alliance say people buying and selling goods online need to be careful after two people said they were robbed.

According to police, 20-year-old Anthony R. Myers was arrested Sunday after allegedly robbing two different people that he agreed to meet for a "Buy, Sell and Trade" transaction.

In the first instance, police say Myers threatened the victim that he had a gun. Police say a second alleged victim was 70 years old.

Myers was found in possession of all the stolen items when arrested a short time later, according to police.

The Alliance Police Department posted a message on its Facebook page saying that although markets such as Craigslist and Buy, Sell and Trade are great places to sell your things and buy items at great prices, people need to use caution.

Police say predators may try to take advantage of legitimate buyers and sellers.

Use meeting locations that are safe with plenty of people around, and outdoor cameras, say police. Never meet at a residence or your own home unless you trust the person.

Police say Walmart and newer gas station parking lots usually have numerous cameras outside and lots of people around during the day.

You can meet here at the Alliance police station lobby or in the parking lot across from the Alliance Courthouse - which is well monitored by cameras.