A Mercer County teen has come up with a low- sugar, low-calorie tropical juice drink that's now being commercially produced and ready for distribution. 

The drink is called Tropical Flamingo Niu. Niu means coconut in Hawaii. 

The beverage is being produced at a company in New Jersey. While back here in the Shenango Valley, the 15- year-old CEO of the company is celebrating that her creation is now ready for distribution. 

"I hope it gets big. But not to the point I can't manage it myself and still work on other goals and aspirations," said Hickory High School student Cynthia Torrence.

The tropical fruit drink was created by Torrence when she was just seven-years-old while working on a fundraiser for her church.

She then teamed up with the E-Center, a business incubator in Hermitage, and grew from there.

"I have to manage my time," said Torrence. "So that I can go to school and get sleep and still manage the business and be as social as I can so I remain happy."

"Some of the younger entrepreneurs are the most exciting because they don't fear the risk," said Hermitage Assistant City Manager Gary Gulla, who is also involved with the E-Center.

Officials with the local chamber of commerce said they see a change in mindset when it comes to entrepreneurship in the area that could pave a new future for the Shenango Valley.

"As part of the traditional Rust Belt area, having this mindset change is going to be key to revitalization, to all the forward thinking progress we want to do in this area," said Executive Director of the Shenango Valley Chamber, Sherris Moreira.

Torrence is looking to place her product in many areas stores. Tropical Flamingo Niu is already being sold at Golden Dawn in Farrell.