Boardman homeowners concerned about recent flooding are taking their concerns to township officials who say they are working to make improvements to alleviate those water runoff issues in the township.

Many of those future improvements or fixes may come from the newly formed ABC Water District. 

Boardman Township Administrator Jason Loree said the newly formed ABC Water District would meet Wednesday at 2: 00 pm in Canfield.

Loree expects many a Boardman resident will be speaking about their concerns following the township's recent flooding and said the district is looking to develop a stormwater master plan on where best to take action first in the township.

"A better understanding of all the streams, all the watercourses, those are things the township couldn't do before. We couldn't do an inventory of water courses where all our stormwater infrastructure dumps into. We're going to be doing that now. We're going to be analyzing all of our lines," said Loree.

To do that, they will be installing rain gauges and flow monitors throughout Boardman. Then probably within a year, they will begin to replace basins, equipment and lines to help alleviate flooding in the township.

Loree says Boardman money that goes to the new water district will stay in Boardman to pay for the upgrades.