A Boardman medical practice was allegedly hacked on Monday and asked for ransom money to unlock the system.

According to the report, N.E.O. Urology, located on the 7400 block of Southern Avenue, had their computer systems hacked and re-encrypted.

A practice administrator told police that a fax was waiting for him when he arrived at the building requesting that the company pay a ransom to have the computer systems unlocked.

Police say the fax listed "Pay4Day.io" as the contact for further information.

Reports say the company contacted their I.T. Firm and were able to "backdoor" the hackers.

The I.T. Firm said that they suspect that the hack originated in Russia.

According to the report, the I.T. Firm used a third party to pay the hackers $75,000 through Bitcoin.

N.E.O Urology told police that the hackers went so deep into their system that it took until Wednesday to access their computer systems.

Police say N.E.O. Urology reported a revenue loss between $30,000 and $50,000 per day.