The Youngstown City School District sent reduction in force notifications to 14 Youngstown City School District employees Friday.

"It's a continuation of the reductions in force that began at the end of 2018 when we cut 18 positions," said CEO Krish Mohip.

Those affected are two elementary principals, an assistant principal, the chief and deputy chief of operations, the English Learners director, a deputy chief of transformation, chief of human resources, director of strategic initiatives, deputy chief of culture and climate, ninth-grade academy executive director, an instructional effectiveness specialist, fiscal and business office secretary and the risk manager/human resources assistant.

Those employees will only continue to work through June, but they will be paid by and have their healthcare covered by the district through July 31.

In a press release, the district said that a lot of administrators were necessary at the beginning of the district's transformation because the needs of a lot of students weren't being met, but the staff is now being scaled back as the district has implemented new processes and procedures to better meet student needs.

The district said that the roughly $1.95 million savings in salary and benefits will further ensure the district's finances remain healthy.