While the two men who attacked him in court as he was about to be sentenced for killing their mother remained in the Mahoning County jail, the man convicted of hunting down and murdering a woman on a Youngstown street was sentenced to 23-to-life in prison.

The sentence was handed down Monday as 62-year-old Dale Williams Sr. appeared before Mahoning County Common Pleas Court Judge Maureen Sweeney

Williams was convicted of the 2017 shooting death of 46-year-old Elizabeth Pledger Stewart. Police say Williams rammed his van into a vehicle being driven by Pledger-Stewart on Market Street in Youngstown, then shot her several times.

It was Williams second appearance in court to be sentenced.   Last Thursday Judge Sweeney was preparing to sentence Williams when two of the victim's sons lunged at him in the courtroom, prompting deputies to subdue the two, using a Taser on one of the men.

Twenty-three-year-old Jerome Stewart and 30-year-old Anthony Dees were booked on charges of assault, obstructing official business, and contempt of court. 

They were scheduled to appear for video arraignment in Youngstown Municipal Court on Friday.  However, the hearings were delayed after a bomb threat caused the municipal court building to close early Friday.

Both Stewart and Dees are still in the county jail expected to appear in Youngstown Municipal Court for video arraignment Monday afternoon on the assault and obstructing charges.