A new Amazon facility officially opened in North Jackson on Tuesday, and 21 News got an inside look. 

Amazon representatives and community members hosted a tour for all who wanted to see the delivery station.

Officials with Amazon explained why placing the station in North Jackson was such an excellent opportunity.

"Number one, the quality of the workforce is super strong here, " said Sean Healy, Regional Operations Director at Amazon. "The community has been extremely welcoming, and it's really about customer obsession. We want to be as close to our customers as possible, and the customer demand here is high. It allows us to get deliveries quicker to those customers by having the station." 

The station has about 200 full-time and part-time employees, but Healy said they are looking for more.

"We are hiring positions both for our sort areas, our return to station and for leadership positions," said Healy. 

He said those positions are hiring for $15 an hour. 

The station also teamed up with several delivery service partners and independent contractors that are Amazon Flex drivers.

To apply for jobs at the North Jackson facility, click here

According to a news release from Amazon, the North Jackson station powers Amazon's last-mile delivery capabilities to speed up deliveries for customers in the North Jackson area.  

The deliveries will first go to a larger fulfillment center where the order is picked and packed.

The order will then head to a delivery station like this one where the final steps are taken to prepare the order for delivery. 

The delivery stations will enable Amazon Logistics to supplement capacity and flexibility when it comes to delivery capabilities and in turn, support the growing volume of customer orders.

After the tours, Amazon made a significant donation to the Boys and Girls Club of Youngstown.

"We want to make sure that we're super strong in the communities we're in and really giving back. So we were able to donate $10,000 worth of STEM equipment; science, technology, engineering and mathematics to the Boys and Girls Club of Youngstown, and it was fun to do that, we're pretty excited," said Healy.