A Warren man is behind bars on a felonious assault charge after his ex-wife's boyfriend says he hit him in the head with a golf club.

According to a police report, 60-year-old Joel Bryant was arrested after the alleged assault at Rite Aid in the area of Central Parkway Avenue and Youngstown Road on June 19. 

His ex-wife's boyfriend told police Bryant went up to him in the parking lot and said, "Do you want the gun or the golf club?" The man said Bryant then smacked him over the head with a golf club and left, according to the report. 

The alleged victim went to the hospital with a one-inch laceration to his forehead, where they glued his wound instead of using stitches. 

Before the incident, the police report states Bryant told another person he was doing all this because he wanted to save his marriage. 

The police report also shows Bryant went to his former address and allegedly threatened his ex-wife regarding her boyfriend.

Bryant told her, "You need to get in the car and go with me to the hotel. I've got a gun in my fanny pack, and I'm going to shoot your boyfriend," the report said.

She refused to go with him, and he left. 

Bryant was later arrested Monday on a warrant during a traffic stop.

His bond is set at $25,000.