A Trumbull County family is thankful and devastated after a Niles mother died while trying to save their son from drowning.

Christine Beheler, 41, died Monday after trying to save Jessica and Terrance Marvins' 12-year-old son at Mosquito Lake in Trumbull County.

Their son and daughter went out to the lake to play with Beheler's kids. 

"We are just so thankful that she was able to do what she was able to do because had she not been there, our son would not be here," Jessica said. 

She says her son went to get a ball the kids were playing with in the water when this happened. 

Jessica says both Beheler and Beheler's daughter worked to help try and save her child. 

He eventually got out of the water and was taken to the hospital. 

"The whole story is just so tragic. We feel so horrible and heartbroken for his family, and we are trying to do whatever we can to help them in any way," Jessica said. 

Jessica says Beheler was a wonderful mom who was very attentive and protective when it came to her kids and others. 

As far as the no-lifeguard-on-duty situation, Terrance said, "Absolutely they should have lifeguards. That's unbelievable that they don't with as busy as it is in the summertime with as many people that go out there. The fact that you don't have lifeguards is atrocious."

Swimmers at Mosquito Lake are told to look out for themselves with no-lifeguard-on-duty signs posted. 

A Youngstown man drowned in the lake around the same time last year, so we pressed the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to answer these questions:
Why did they pull lifeguards and when?
How many drowning have taken place since then?
And if lifeguards are not feasible, why not end swimming at state parks?

We did not get direct answers. Instead, a statement that read in part:
"ODNR aims to provide all Ohioans with opportunities for fun and safe recreation at their public parks, without additional costs or entrance fees."

State Rep. Gill Blair says he wants to meet with ODNR to review its policies. While he defers to ODNR's expertise, he says any loss of life is too much.