A Girard man has been sentenced to one-and-a-half years in prison for making up a story that teenagers attacked him and his girlfriend with pellet guns.

Nicholas Chronister, 30, was sentenced on Tuesday filed after admitting that he lied about being robbed by three teenagers with pellet guns in earlier this year.

21 News first reported in January when Chronister and his 26-year-old girlfriend ended up in Trumbull Memorial Hospital with pellet gun wounds.

The couple told Warren police that they were robbed on Kenilworth Avenue by three teens who shot them with pellet guns after the girlfriend said she didn't have any money to give them.

The woman was shot several times in the face and wrist. Chronister told police he was shot in the hands when he put them up to protect the woman's face.

Later on, the girlfriend told police that the story wasn't true.

She said that Chronister shot her several times in the face with a pellet gun the night before when she told him she wanted to leave him.

The woman said Chronister offered to take her to the hospital but first shot himself in the hands to make it look like he was also assaulted.

On the way to the hospital, the girlfriend said Chronister told her to lie by telling police they were robbed in Warren during a drug deal.

The woman told investigators she was so afraid; she went along with the story. After she got out of the hospital, she went to the Niles Police Department to report the alleged assault.

She said Chronister threw the pellet gun out of the car's window on State Route 169.

Weathersfield police recovered the gun along North Main Street near Heaton Boulevard.

The Trumbull County Grand Jury indicted Chronister on charges of felonious assault, falsification, domestic violence, and violating a protection order.