By this time next year, Pennsylvania drivers obtaining a license will have another option to select when it comes to gender or sex. 

Pennsylvania will be joining California and 12 other states in making the change.

David Dean, a licensed social worker at New Day Psychiatric Services in New Castle, says this gives people who have been excluded an option to be officially recognized.

"For people who are transitioning maybe who have gender dysphoria, that they'll have an option that they feel more comfortable with at in their transition, or for people who identify as gender non binary they don't strictly identify as male or female it gives them that place in between where they feel they belong the best," said Dean. 

Dean adds that it can help avoid employment discrimination for people in transition or people who have already transitioned since the person ID would match their appearance. 

State Representative Tedd Nesbit says he doesn't believe a change is needed because there is already a process where people can change their gender.

He adds It adds confusion for police or corrections officers when people must be incarcerated. 

Penn Dot says using an X for gender will satisfy requirements for the real ID established by congress.