An audit released Tuesday provides details about money that former Columbiana County Dog Warden Dawn Croft stole while in office.

The state auditor issued findings against the 43-year-old East Palestine woman, who already made $26,267 restitution as part of her sentence which includes serving one year in prison after being convicted of theft in office, money laundering, and tampering with records.

Croft was responsible for gathering cash and checks, preparing pay-ins, delivering deposits, and filing deposit slips for all adoption fees, dog sponsorships, and donations. Between January 1, 2015, and April 30, 2016, Croft took $26,267 of the fees and donations for her personal use.

Auditors identified the theft through the following means:

  • 75 duplicate receipts totaling $6,916 were not included in any pay-in, or deposit
  • 13 duplicate receipts were prepared for $130 less than the check amounts
  • 48 checks were deposited with the Treasurer’s office, which were substituted in the deposit for cash received totaling $6,655
  • 4 undercover agents made donations totaling $750 in cash that were not included in deposits with the Treasurer’s office
  • $10,823 was received from 164 individuals through PayPal and given to Croft in cash, but did not have a receipt prepared and was not included in the pound’s deposits
  • $993 was unaccounted for through other miscellaneous schemes

Croft was hired as deputy dog warden/pound keeper in January 2006 and was promoted to the top job eight months later.

Croft was indicted by the Columbiana County Grand Jury two years after the county commissioners voted unanimously to terminate Croft's employment as dog warden.