A Beloit woman was sentenced to 12 months in prison after prosecutors say she allowed a sex offender around a young child she was living with.

Alexandria Brooke Overholser received that sentence in a Mahoning County Courtroom Tuesday afternoon on an endangering children charge. 

Prosecutors say she allowed 35-year-old Shawn Unger around the child even after she was advised he was a sex offender. Unger has been convicted of raping two five-year-old victims. 

"You're recommending a 12-month sentence because she was willing to testify against the rapist. But she's the one that provided access to the little girl for the rapist," Mahoning County Common Pleas Court Judge R. Scott Krichbaum asked Jennifer McLaughlin, an assistant county prosecutor. 

McLaughlin said part of the reason is that Overholser had agreed to testify against Unger after entering a guilty plea on July 29. McLaughlin added that she believes Overholser did not know the rapes were going on, but that she ignored the need to protect the child.

"I was naive, and I was stupid. I should have seen the signs, and I should have listened to the parole officer," Overholser said in court. She added that as soon as the child told her, she reported it.

Judge Krichbaum responded saying that this was a girl who was raped by someone Overholser brought into the home, ignoring the warnings of someone who knew what was going to happen.

"What you need is to go sit down in the penitentiary. I hope they have a mirror in your cell. You can look at it every day and begin to understand this is your fault that this little girl was raped," Krichbaum said. 

Unger was given a ten-year-to-life prison sentence in the most recent case.