The San Francisco 49ers are in Youngstown reaching out to the community by visiting a Youngstown City School.

The 49ers visited Williamson Elementary where some of the players met with students. About 15 players joined the students for lunch and to talk to them about bullying. 

"With this program I think they are doing a great job in making sure you preach togetherness and bringing the next person along. Never leaving anyone behind. Never let anyone be sad. I think the world needs more positive messages like that," said 49er, Richard Sherman.

"The kids are awesome, they are cute, they're funny. They are really energetic. They wanted to learn and listen to what we had to say. They really enjoyed it," said 49er, Solomon Thomas.

49er, Nick Mullens, said, "We wrote and decorated compliment cards. Pick a friend at the table and write a nice compliment not about what they have but who they are. Some pretty cool compliments were dished out today and it was awesome to see."

The 49ers are in town because they have a game in Cincinnati on Sunday and they decided to stay in Youngstown for the week. 

The NFL team will practice at the Ice Castle this week. 

The 49ers also plan to visit the J. Ford Crandall Rehabilitation Center on Tuesday afternoon.