Saturday just before midnight, the contract between General Motors and the International United Autoworkers will expire. There is growing speculation that a strike could be looming. 
Reporter Danielle Cotterman has been following negotiations since the beginning and asks what a strike could look like for those in our Valley since the GM plant now sits practically empty. 
The President of Local UAW 1112, Tim O'Hara, tells 21 News they have just 17 members still working inside the Lordstown plant.
While the large "Lordstown: Home of the Cruze" sign remains, many entrances to the plant have been barricaded off to traffic. Grass is beginning to grow in some of the parking lots, and inside, we're told, of those 17 UAW members, ten are housekeeping workers that do not work for GM. 
Therefore, it's hard to imagine a national strike having much of a presence locally, as it did in 2007, that last time the UAW picketed. 
However, O'Hara said retirees, about 450 workers who have severed ties from GM, yet remain here in the Valley, and other unions have offered to show their support. 
21 News will continue to monitor Detroit for developments.
Sunday morning, the vice president of Local 1112, Bill Adams, will join WFMJ Weekend Today during their 9 a.m. hour to respond to any developments during the overnight hours.