It's been almost three years since Sebring's late police chief, Ray Heverly, passed away.
But, a "sort of" gift from the Village has now given the family a unique way to remember his legacy.
The 2011 Crown Victoria that Heverly used to drive, now has more than 191,000 miles.
The Village was ready to surplus the vehicle but, current Police Chief Ray Harris had another idea.
"When it came time for us to surplus the car, the first thing I thought of was Toy (Toynette) and the family," said Harris. "The cruiser was him. I mean, it was just apart of him."
The Village arranged for Heverly's family to purchase the cruiser for just $1. That dollar, the family said, was donated by Councilman David Wright.
"It was very touching. The Village of Sebring has done a lot to honor and keep Ray's memory alive," said Heverly's wife, Toynette Heverly. "My maiden voyage was to the cemetery to tell Ray we had the cruiser and show him the cruiser."
The family said the cruiser would be shared and used between Heverly's wife and their two sons.
"It's just something that keeps us closer to him. It keeps his memory alive," said Heverly's son, Donny.
"I backed it in, and it was pretty rough because I had never driven it up until then," said Heverly oldest son, Ben.
Heverly's wife, sons, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren have since sat together inside the old cruiser sharing stories and memories.
Many of them shared fond memories of the Sebring Firemen's Festival Parade which was lead each year by Sebring Police Chief.
"The last parade that Ray lead. Lane was actually with us, our grandson, and he got to throw candy," recalled Toynette Heverly.
"Coming from a girl who didn't have a dad he sure stepped up to the plate and took that role like no other and I miss him dearly," said Tiffani Heverly.