A Hermitage man who previously pleaded guilty to selling drugs not approved by the FDA has been sentenced to three years of probation. 

The sentence for 61-year-old Emil "Butch" Koledin comes from a charge of conspiracy to defraud agencies of the United States.

According to information presented to the court, Koledin operated the business out of his home and sold illegal drugs that were manufactured primarily in Russia and China through a website called awakebrain.com.

Koledin is said to have sold the drugs as "nootropics," which he described as "smart drugs, memory enhancers, neuro exchangers, and intelligence enhancements."

According to court documents, he falsely represented these drugs as legal to sell in the United States when, in reality, they were illegally imported into the United States and are illegal to sell in the United States because they are not approved for sale by the FDA.