Red, white and blue signs and flags crowded a portion of Market Street in Boardman near the Mahoning County Republican Headquarters.

The Mahoning County Republican Party hosted a rally against impeachment efforts on Thursday as one was taking place in Washington D.C. 

For about two hours, people waved their Trump flags and held up "no impeachment" signs, hoping drivers would take notice.

As House Democrats continue pushing the impeachment inquiry into the president, republicans in Mahoning County are pushing back.

"He did nothing wrong," stated Geno DiFabio, a lifelong Youngstown Democrat turned Republican for Trump in 2016.

He said he has no question when it comes to supporting the president's reelection.

"President Trump has put everything on the line," said DiFabio. "His wealth, his family, everything else to actually do something for us. And that's awesome."

The party's Chairman, Tom McCabe, said the Democrat's non-stop push for impeachment could actually benefit the president when it comes to the election.

"I think this actually emboldens and strengthens Trump, and Trump supporters to get out and vote in 2020," said McCabe.

The Valley was hit hard when GM Lordstown idled and after the news on Thursday about the GM-UAW tentative contract agreement, it seems that there is no hope for the plant that at one time employed thousands.

McCabe says the president isn't the one to blame.

"We have Congressman Tim Ryan, who hasn't been in the district in over a year. He's out campaigning for the presidency," said McCabe. "Maybe he should come back here in town and do his job."

The Mahoning County Republican Party plans to keep their efforts going strong, making their voices heard as they hope for four more years.