November 3

1994: Dan and Pauline "Cookie" Bruno are closing the Liberty Market, a downtown Girard landmark for more than 50 years. Bruno, 65, says it's difficult to compete with supermarkets that stock a broader inventory, including lobsters.

A $65.7 offer by Chariot Group, a New York holding company, is $7 million more than the offer of Hamlin Holdings of Akron for Copperweld Steel Co. in Warren. 

Youngstown Board of Education member Don L. Hanni III recommends that the district balance its budget by a series of cuts, as well as the sale of some buildings, including the administration building on Wood Street, the warehouse and bus garage and Paul C. Bunn School.

1979: Youngstown Area's United Way campaign falls just $35,577 short of its $2.2 million goal, but campaign leaders say they won't settle for less than success.

U.S. Steel Corp. cuts back open hearth operations at its Ohio Works, resulting in 200 layoffs.

Two young Weathersfield Township men deny they carried out a contract murder of Paul McCloskey who was shot and killed in his Howland Township home.

1969: Thieves kicked in a side door of the Eckley Television & Appliance Store on Route 58 near Greenville, Pa., and made off with $13,940 worth of television sets and radios. 

Frank W. Tear, 83, of Oberlin, retired principal of the Rayen School and a long-time educator in Youngstown, dies of a heart attack at his home.

FBI agents and area law enforcement agencies begin a search for a large refrigeration truck and $85,000 worth of meat which was reported stolen from the Amoco truck stop in North Lima.

1944: A 49-year-old Regis Street man is shot in the leg by Mike Tyma who saw the man peeping through a window of the Tyma family home on Woodland Avenue while Tyma's sister was bathing. 

State Welfare Department officials are told it would take three months and cost $30,000 to put the Youngstown Municipal Hospital on Indianola in shape for use as a mental health receiving hospital.

The Youngstown Chamber of Commerce will investigate illegal wage payments and padded payrolls under the plan whereby city officials credit garbage collectors with more hours than they work.