November 8

1994: PBS-TV does a one-hour "Frontline" special about the fall of Phar-Mor titled "How to steal $500 Million."

Patrick B. Finn, former chief financial officer, lays most of the blame on Phar-Mor President Michael I Monus.
Judge Mark Weist, visiting from Wayne County, finds Trumbull County Engineer James Fiorenzo guilty of theft in office and forgery. 

The Ohio Bureau of Employment Services is cracking down on false unemployment claims across the state, including eight people in the Youngstown district. 

1979: Wes Johnstone, president of the Youngstown Chamber of Commerce, and Jack Cessna, chairman of the International Peace Race Foundation in Youngstown, go to New York City to accept a lighted torch from Donald McHenry, U.S.  Ambassador to the United Nations. Five international runners will carry the torch 460 miles to Youngstown in 10-mile relay stints.

Facing a severe shortage of salt, the Ohio Department of Transportation says it will be cutting back on the salt of roads this winter. 

Youngstown Diocesan elementary schools show less than a 1 percent enrollment decrease for the 1979-80 school years, the smallest in recent years. High school enrollment is down 5.6 percent.

1969: John F. Serich, 45, of Poland a bricklayer foreman, is killed when struck by a falling scaffold at Villa Maria High School, New Bedford, Pa.  Three men on the scaffold when it collapsed were treated for injuries, John J. Jerek, John Przklasa and William Heintz. 

Jeffrey Kopko, 13, is one of three teenagers injured when they were attacked by a group of boys on Ohio Avenue near Redondo Road following the Chaney-South game at Rayen Stadium.

Dana Gatten, 19, of North Bloomfield is killed and her two girlfriends seriously injured when her car ran off Route 88 in Bristol Township and all three were thrown from the 1988 convertible.

1944: The Democratic Party sweeps every Mahoning County office, in many instances defeating their Republican opponents three-to-one. 

The Mahoning County Board of Elections by unanimous vote authorizes the use of the clerk's office by radio stations WFMJ and WKBN and The Vindicator. Radio and newspaper men are confined to that office.

Michael J. Kirwan, former Youngstown councilman who was elected to Congress in 1936, is going back to Washington for another two-year term after defeating his Republican opponent, Herschel Hunt, by 55,000 votes.