We've only just put the November General election behind us, but in Boardman Thursday night a debate is already gearing up for the May Primary and eventually 2020. The question: can one of these four candidates unseat longtime Congressman Tim Ryan?
The debate hosted by the Mahoning County Young Republicans and Mahoning County Republican Party featured candidates Duane Hennen, Lou Lyras, Robert Santos, and Rob Weber.
The debate touched on several national issues and how they would respond if elected.
Issues like Criminal Justice Reform:
"I believe we should put away private prisons. I think that is a disservice to our country. I don't think we should be incarcerating people and then making money on them," said Lyras.
On the topic of economic policy: Duane Hennen said, "When China runs our businesses out of business, and then they control the market, they're going to increase it more than what these companies are increasing it right now."
And of course, the hot topic of discussion is the call by democrats for the President's impeachment. Candidates were asked if there were anything the House investigation could uncover that would move them to vote in support of impeachment?
"It's a sham. The positive of it and frankly is this is helping our president this is helping our cause. This is showing that they are phoning the facade that they are," said Weber.
"It doesn't matter what side of the aisle you're on if you do something illegal, and you're found guilty I would push for impeachment, but right now, there's nothing saying otherwise. He should not be," said Santos.
Positions and issues -voters are taking note of now as Decision 2020 already ramps up.