Vindicator file photo/ Dec. 25, 1987 | Worshippers gathered at churches throughout the Mahoning Valley to celebrate Christmas 32 years ago, including those at Christmas morning Mass said Father Carl Longbach at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Niles.
December 25
1994: Mahoning Common Pleas Judge R. Scott Krichbaum acknowledges that Youngstown police are overworked and understaffed, but says that does not excuse substandard trial preparation by some officers. Several high-profile criminal cases have resulted in acquittal because defense lawyers were able to attack the quality of police investigations.

Edwin Copeland of Millport, the National Weather Service's official observer for Columbiana County, says a White Christmas in this area is a 50-50 proposition.
Members of the Copeland family have been keeping weather records for 102 years.

Tri-county election officials say the Federal Voter Registration Act, which is designed to make it easier for people to register and vote, will require local boards of election to have more computers or more employees or perhaps both.
1979: A blast of last-minute shoppers is credited with contributing to a better-than-expected holiday shopping season.
Vindicator Business Editor George R. Reiss writes that on this Christmas Day all is well economically speaking for most of the Youngstown district's 700,000-plus residents.

Dr. Mark F. Walker, Youngstown State University music professor, will have one of his compositions performed by a group of Juilliard School of Music students at Carnegie Hall.
1969: Capt. John Taft is home for Christmas with his family after a year's service in Vietnam, where he earned 10 military honors, including the Distinguished Service Cross.

Winners in the Christmas decorating contest for the Kimmel Brook area are announced: First place winners are Mrs. Hattie Dixon, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Thomas and Mr. and Mrs. Foy Martin. 

Four-year-old Jeffrey Armstrong of Niles dies in a fire that swept through the family's Bond Street home while his mother and sister were shopping for a drum he wanted for Christmas.
1944: Arthur Kline, 54, of Struthers, known as the toy doctor, has been collecting and repairing toys year round for 12 years so that the toys can be distributed to children at Christmas time. 

Outdoor Christmas lighting displays are missing this year in Youngstown. The War Production Board has banned home and street lighting displays for duration of the war. 

Mahoning County widows and orphans of the First World War may begin immediately to make application for pensions under the newly enacted widows and orphans bill.