January 8

1995: More records are turned over to the FBI as the agency investigates Sharon city contracting practices related to more than $12 million spent on sewer improvement projects since 1986.

The Pittsburgh Steelers defeat the Cleveland Browns 29-9 in an AFC divisional playoff game at Three Rivers Stadium.

After six months as superintendent of the Wachusett school district in Massachusetts, Alfred Tutela, who was a controversial figure driven from the troubled Youngstown school district, enjoys support from the board of education and widespread popularity in the community.

1980: New Castle police Chief William McCallion and three members of his force are retiring: Sgt. James McCallion, Lt. Jesse Gunn and Detective Sgt. George "Jake" Kennedy. 

Following hearings on the latest round of steel mill shutdowns in the Mahoning Valley, U.S. Rep. Charles A. Vanick, D-Euclid, is advocating reviving a New Deal agency to bailout basic industries with huge government-guaranteed loans. 

Funeral director Daniel Becker is elected president of the Struthers Board of Education, succeeding William Comstock.

1970: Near record low temperatures invade the Mahoning Valley with the mercury dropping to 12 degrees below zero at the Salem Sewage Treatment Plant. 

Three people are injured when a private ambulance and an auto collide at Belmont and Rayen avenues. Injured were Cheryl Booher, Margaret Sturm and Marie McEvoy. 

Frank Mills, retired executive of US. Steel Corp. and a Canfield resident will be foreman to a special grand jury called to investigate the labor clash and fatal shooting at Stop 5.

1945: John Cumisky, 42, of Bryson Street, is injured by a hit-and-run driver and then was run over by a second hit-and-run driver while crossing Federal and Phelps streets. He is in South Side Hospital with a fractured skull. 

Little Carole Elaine Madden of Youngstown, whose first birthday was saddened by news of her dad being missing in action, is finally given good news. Her father is no longer missing and is back with his unit. 

Entry in Esther Hamilton's "Around Town" column: "George Chupa, Park Theater manager, has exhausted all his resources to get rooms for the Negro cast of 'Porgy and Bess.' Can anybody help him?"