Members of Trumbull County's Democratic Party voted Tuesday evening to endorse candidates in three local contested primary races.

Members decided who to endorse for county engineer, county commissioner, and the representative for the Ohio House 63rd District Representative. 

The TrumbullCOunty DEmocratic party voted to endorse Daniel Polivka for Trumbull County Commissioner, Randy Smith, for Trumbull County Engineer and Gil Blair for Ohio House Rep. in the 63rd district. 

Each candidate was allowed to speak before the votes were taken.

All members endorsed by the party are the incumbent candidates, with Dan Polivka being the county party chairman.

The final votes for endorsement are as follows:

County Engineer

Randy Smith, 86

David DeChristofaro, 70 


County Commissioner

Dan Polivka, 146

David M. Guarino, 15


Ohio House Rep. 63rd District

Gil Blair, 70

Werner Lange, 10