The Warren Police Department has fired one of its officers after they said he lied about being shot at by a black man in Howland Township. 

Warren Police Chief Eric Merkel has issued a letter of administrative charges to 23-year-old Noah Linnen.

The chief then sent Linnen another letter, terminating him from the department. 

Linnen is facing seven departmental charges as to why the department terminated him. 

Linnen was arraigned Wednesday morning in Trumbull County Court, where he pleaded not guilty to criminal charges.

Linnen waived his pre-disciplinary hearing that was set for 4 p.m. Wednesday at the Warren Police Department.

Merkel states in the termination letter, "The gravity of your actions can not be understated. Believing at face value that you had been shot, over 50 police officers from at least 10 law enforcement agencies responded to your call for help. These officers traveled the streets of our communities at high rates of speeds jeopardizing the lives of our citizens and themselves--for a hoax!"

In a news conference Wednesday afternoon, Warren Mayor, William Franklin, and Chief of Police, Eric Merkel, said Linnen is not a good representation of the Warren City Police Department.

"It's a sad day for the city of Warren. Unfortunately, the issue of race was injected by Mr. Linnen," said Mayor Franklin. 

The alleged shooting situation initially told by Linnen had police from multiple departments stopping and searching for people who matched Linnen's suspect description. 

Documents say that suspect never existed. 

"I am angry and disgusted at the situation," said Merkel, "There was no reason to believe the officer would have acted out like this based on the vetting process."

Merkel said Linnen had no prior disciplinary action at the department and was previously a commander at the YSU Police Academy. 

"At the time, we took what Linnen said as the truth, and we apologize to those people who were stopped and searched," said Merkel. 

You can view the entire termination letter from the chief to Linnen located below.